About Travis Steffen
Author of The Art of the Hustler

My name is Travis Steffen. I've recently turned 25, and I'm a self-made millionaire.

In addition to being the author of The Art of The Hustler, I'm also the founder of numerous successful companies, including the globally-popular WorkoutBOX.com, the extremely profitable Action Junkie Labs, and a number of others. I'm an advisor and consultant for a ton of different companies, and I've written for publications such as Forbes, Inc., and dozens of others.

I have a few different passions in my life. Among them are breaking from the norm and finding better, faster ways to accomplish great things, and also teaching people new and unique ways to achieve what they've only imagined in their wildest dreams. To me, there's literally no better feeling in the world than hearing the impact that the application of the knowledge I've shared has made on someone else.

Let me be clear about something right away: I've got absolutely no traditional background in business whatsoever, and I had no idea what I was doing when I started.

I went to college, but my degrees are all in exercise physiology, and I'd say that I only use about 5% of what I learned in college on a semi-regular basis. I`d also say that less than 1% (at the most) has contributed to my current level of success.

So how did I get to where I am now? Simple - by learning from people who have gotten there before me. None of my teachers in high school or college had experienced any sort of success like the kind I was wanting to achieve, so in hindsight, none of them were all that qualified to teach me what I needed to know.

While I was in grad school, I decided to start my first business. I soon realized that I had no clue what I was doing. Rather than go the traditional route and change majors, I decided to go straight to the source.

I then went on a mission to connect with and/or learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in the world - the ones who were too busy running their multimillion dollar companies to teach students in the traditional sense. As a result of learning from the best, then crafting all of that knowledge into my own unique and ultra-successful system, I was able to go from deeply in debt as a college student in late 2010, to achieving a net worth in the millions in late 2012.

No, that`s not a typo. And not only have I achieved success at an extremely rapid rate and have gone into business with a number of multimillionaires and one billionaire (so far), but I`ve also kept a detailed record of all the lessons, tips, tricks and techniques I`ve found to be invaluable along the way. These lessons are what make up the pages of The Art of the Hustler. Whether you`re starting a business or working your way up the corporate ladder, what you`ll find here will give you a huge shortcut on your quest to reach the top.

You can stop looking for answers now. I`m giving them to you here. You CAN achieve rapid success and wealth without having any idea where to start - and The Art of the Hustler will show you how.

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