January 11 , 2013

From Travis Steffen, author of The Art Of The Hustler

Every intelligent person knows that the best way to learn how to do something truly great is to learn from the people who have done it already.

Let's face it, even if you are one of the most brilliant people in the world (which I'm not) or you have extensive business knowledge already (which I didn't), you won't magically achieve astounding levels of success overnight. Not if you do what most people say you should. Here's a big secret...

You CAN learn how to successfully break society's ridiculous rule that you have to "pay your dues" to leap to the top of the corporate ladder.  However, without learning the most valuable, top-secret keys to success from some of the world's most successful people, the chances of you doing the same are slim to none. It's that simple.

While this is a no-brainer, finding one, let alone many of these ultra-powerful people willing to share their secrets with you is TOUGH. The fact that so few people use these powerful tactics is why they're so valuable, and so highly-guarded to begin with.

However, a select few people do manage to find a wildly successful mentor to take them under their wing, but they quickly face another problem...

Since we were kids, the idea that we have to go to 
college and get a job to have any shot of being 
successful was forced into our heads. Why? Because that's what our parents were told! Regardless of what we wanted to be, everybody thought they knew how they could help you get there, even if they never got there themselves...

And you're not the one to blame... how the hell were you supposed to know that the path society wants you to follow doesn't take you where you want to go?

You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

Some of the major problems people face are all the 
misconceptions surrounding what it takes to be wildly
successful and create the lifestyle of your dreams

#1 You believe that you must go to college and work your way up the corporate ladder or have tons of family connections to become ridiculously successful.

#2 You don't think that there is a chance in hell you can accumulate fantastic amounts of wealth in a down economy, especially if you have no idea what you're doing when you start.

#3 You are convinced that multi-million dollar companies are only started or run by people with ivy league business degrees or brilliant scientists.

#4 You think learning the secrets of the world's most successful people is going to take up all your precious time, leaving nothing for your family, friends, or relaxation and enjoyment.

#5 You think gaining a massive personal following or negotiating deals with huge names in business and industry is reserved for people who have been working at it for decades.

Does this list look familiar? Don't worry, you're not the only one.

You know, I wasn't always successful. In fact, when I got started, I was completely and totally clueless. 
I had no money, no job, no direction, and I was living off credit cards in a cold basement apartment in Iowa. I found myself longing for a life where I could make all the rules, set my own schedule, make as much money as I wanted and love every second of every day. .

I didn't know much, but I did know one thing: If I stayed on the path I was currently on, I would never be able to get the kinds of things and experiences I knew 
I really wanted. Something had to change - and fast.

But I was in complete denial. I would make excuses for 
the fact that I didn't have the life I wanted. I was blaming
everything - my upbringing, my lack of time and money, 
the fact that I had no background or knowledge about 
anything lucrative - but the real reason was fear.

And then I came across my mentor... an entrepreneur who
had developed a different sort of mindset, philosophy, and
systemized approach to every single goal in her life. A
person who had a similar backgroud as me (which means
no background at all), was a self-made multi-millionaire,
and lived the most amazing, stress-free life imaginable...

She gave me the inspiration to get started, and gave me a bit 
of direction. From there, I was able to craft an intricate, 
ultra-effective plan to completely create the lifestyle of my dreams in a totally unique way, and to do so 
MUCH faster than most people thought possible.  Using the tactics tought to me by her and her friends and developing many of my own, I was able to go from beyond broke with no plan or skills to running an enterprise worth millions and only working a few hours a day - in only a few short years.

How many times have we heard stupid statements like "you don't have enough experience" or "you have to pay your dues"? Let me tell you first hand that these statements are made by people who have clearly never made it themselves. In fact, these limiting beliefs are usually held by people who have bought into society's rules, and are responsible for keeping tons of intelligent, highly-capable  people from harnessing their full potential...

Like me, you will learn everything you need to know about finding your passion and leveraging it to achieve rapid success. I will teach you my personal system step by step-which will help you build a following, increase productivity, work less, make more money, and do it all faster - no matter what industry you want to dominate.

You will conquer your fear of failure, eliminate doubt and uncertainty, and you will understand just how easy it really is to create the reality of your dreams fast. You will learn my step by step formula for success, and you will save hundreds of hours and THOUSANDS of dollars doing it.

The Art Of The Hustler will turn you into the fearless, smooth-talking, supremely-organized ambition machine you never thought you could be, and you will learn everything you ever need to know about how to save time, make more money, be truly happy and get everything you want out of life- fast.
With over 80 powerful lessons I learned from my self-made millionaire mentors and that I've used myself to accelerate my success, you will be on the road towards achieving all your goals instantly!

I packed all my tips, tricks, secrets and advice in The Art Of The Hustler. In fact, this book is the collection of more than 4 years of intensive research and trial and error...Yep, it took me 4 years to understand, develop, and test the lessons in this book! Now I have to be honest, I'm always adding new lessons to this book (which you always get access to), but I've included 80 ultra-effective lessons so far...  All the lessons you will find in this book satisfy 3 specific criteria: they are all easy to implement, extremely powerful, and will accelerate your success
 - Guaranteed.

In this book, you will find:

More than 397 pages of ground-breaking content, all proven to work, and designed to drastically increase your likelihood and speed of success. In fact, all of the information is so helpful, you'll likely make more progress in one year than most make in a decade.

A guide for starting from scratch: As you'll likely be starting to learn these lessons from a place where they're currently absent in your life, I take that into account in each chapter - starting you from step 1 and progressing accordingly.

The Weekly Action Plan: dramatic lifestyle changes must stem from clear direction. My Weekly Action Plan can help you plan that direction in a more effective and efficient way as it applies to you and your chosen industry.

The To-Do List Template: After reading The Art Of The Hustler, you'll become aware of how every action you take can bring you closer to your end goals. My To-Do List Template has been featured in magazines like Forbes, and is the foundation of my own method of careful time and project management that I use on a daily basis.

My Goal Setting Template: To carefully plan out your actions,you must first dissect your goals in the most intricate and specific ways.My Goal Setting Template helps you do this immediately.

The Hustler’s Roladex: To fully leverage each of the connections you make on your journey towards astounding success, you need much more than a contacts list in your phone...

The Hustler’s Resource List: while this book is definitely life-changing, it's not the only resource I recommend you learn from. In The Hustler's Resource List, I share some of my favorites with you to provide you with ample direction moving forward.

Unlimited updates: a hustler never stops learning. As somebody who lives by the same principles I teach, as I acquire more valuable knowledge, I'll share all of it with you in the form of future chapters and content you'll get access to for FREE.

Exclusive invite to the High Level Hustlers course: While I fancy myself a credible source of information, I've learned a lot from others. My High Level Hustlers video course is a series of interviews and valuable insight with some of the most successful hustlers and young multimillionaires out there

Stop wasting your time listening to outdated advice and canned information based on society's rules. Quit playing guessing games on how all their complex formulas and strategies apply to you. Instead get started learning how to create a life full of health, wealth, freedom, happiness and passion - fast

Just listen to what others have to say about The Art Of The Hustler:
"Take the lessons in The Art of the Hustler
seriously folks. They work. Plain and simple."
" 'The hustle' is a real thing and a real art, and Travis Steffen has, in fact, mastered it."
"...You'll learn how to be a hustler and you'll do it fast."
I don't know how many times a day I hear this excuse...

The same excuses over and over again...

The economy, not enough time, not enough money - that's all anyone talks about, and it's the same list of excuses everyone uses to avoid taking accountability for their lives. For some reason, people don't want to accept the reality that their lives and destinies are completely in their hands, so as a whole, our society is unhappy with their current situation, wishing they could have this or change that.

But wait.. if there are so many people who wish they could have more, why hasn't there been a massive shift in perception away from the traditional lessons we're usualy taught? Why do we continue to give others the ultimate control over our futures? Why does working for somebody else - and getting stuck in the old-school 'Pay your dues for years' mindset - seem to be the security blanket of the masses?

Is that constant feeling of wanting more out of your life what you want for your family? For YOURSELF?

Here's the truth: you CAN have ultimate control over your future, you CAN have the freedom to make your own schedule, and there is quite literally NO LIMIT to the amount of money you can make. You SHOULD leave your legacy on this world in a big way.

Yes, life is hectic. Yes, the economy is rough. And yes, you've got a life full of other commitments. Are these valid reasons not to take control and become the hustler you were born to be? HELL NO!

Just listen to what these fans of the The Art Of The Hustler have to say about how the lessons in this book have drastically improved their lives - even on shoestring budgets and with a hectic schedules:
"It doesn't take you long to figure out the best way to accelerate your success."
"When it comes to accelerating your success,
there is no mind brighter than Travis."
Well my friend, if you have read this far, then I know that you are serious about accelerating your success, boosting your income, and building the life of your dreams - and that you know that if you want to get to where you want to be faster than others say you should, then you have to learn from somebody who's been there!

Regardless of who you are, how much money you have, what your education has been to date, I know you want more than you have now, and you want to avoid the old-school "pinch every penny and skip the Starbucks every day for 40 years" kind of advice. You want more than what you have in all aspects, and you want to actually enjoy the journey!

The Art Of The Hustler will help you make it happen! If you follow the advice and use the info I provide you with, I guarantee it will change your life faster than any other book available on the market - period.
I am not even going to charge the original $600...
Today, you have the opportunity to get the entire 7-component package, valued at over $1300, at the seriously discounted price of...

Don't rub your eyes; it's not a typo.

This is a heavily discounted rate only being offered to online customers.
Simply put, I want to put this powerful information into your hands today at an extremely affordable price. To be frank, I could charge five times that amount and it would still be an incredible value, but I'm not going to do that - at least not today.
Listen, I know first hand just how much of an impact this book is going to have on your life once you make that decisive move to take action and put the information to use.

That's why when you act today I want to make that decision extremely easy for you by extending to you my iron-clad, no-questions-asked, 60 day Money-back Guarantee!

That's right, I'm giving you a full eight weeks to evaluate the entire book, and if for any reason you don't belive that the lessons will be instrumental in accelerating your success, you pay nothing.

You see, I can make an over-the-top guarantee like this for one simple reason: I've lived it, I've tested it, and I've perfected it. I know you won't regret it... It changed my life, it changed dozens of other people's lives, and I know it will change yours!

Test it for yourself. Experience the results for yourself. And if it's not everything I've told you it is, I'll give you a full refund. It's as simple as that...

Now THAT is what I call a more-than-fair deal, wouldn't you agree?
Don't let another "excuse" stand in the way of you and the life you deserve. With this book, you can and will succeed!

You have the guarantee, you have the facts; the rest, as always, is up to you.

In health, wealth, and happiness,
Travis Steffen

Author of The Art Of The Hustler
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Travis, you definitely need to charge more for this course. At first I almost didn’t purchase it because it seemed ”too” inexpensive (don’t get me wrong - $79 is nothing to scoff at, but when you think about the money it could make you it almost seems too good to be true...) But when I decided to get it, I was totally shocked at how REALLY inexpensive it was compared to the quality and the real value of this product (and all the other components too). Thank you for thinking about us first Travis, and not about money!”

-- Byron, Chicago, USA
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